Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ill Communication

Sorry for the inability to post much for what has been quite some time. I am busy finishing up my Juris Doctorate. I graduate May 14, 2011 and start bar exam review the following Monday, so things will likely continue to be as slow moving forward.

Now, for the purpose of this post, I could not resist. I am a lover a many different music genres. I keep my radio tuned to National Public Radio for the majority of the time. But, being an American male, within the last century I have been exposed and have enjoyed many different styles of music. One area of tension (for me) is with rap/hip hop. Granted it is not as "classy" as the cognoscenti of the Italian opera scene; but, when done right, it does have its place in the gentleman's repertoire.

One of the most recent justifiable boastings of the rap/hip hop culture is the release of the Beastie Boys' new album "Hot Sauce Committee Part 2" ( The Beastie Boys have been - and continue to be - one of rap/hip hop's most prized possessions. To be sure, it is an acquired taste. Like anything worth wanting, the Beastie Boys - and their music - deserves special appreciation. And what better way to prove it than with the recent cast compiled for their new "music video" celebrating their new release. I use quotations to imply that it is not just that. That is, the Beastie Boys' new "music video" is rather a short feature film with an all-star cast seldom rivaled by many Oscar nominated flicks. Enjoy the humor, respect the talent.

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