Monday, August 29, 2011

Restore America Now: Ron Paul 2012

Let's face it, Ron Paul should have received the Republican nomination last election cycle. However, this might be the better time for him to run. . . .

Some things come along in life that are so suitable for a problem or innovative in their approach that is takes everyone a little time to understand that such is the fact of the matter. Such was the case with Ron Paul in 2008. America needs a President perfectly suited for our times that can attack them with - what might seem to us now - as confusing innovation. To be sure, we cannot afford (figuratively and literally) to place another "American Idol" candidate in the White House to maintain the current, steady downward spiral in which we are heading. To repeat the same mistakes whilst expecting different results is insane. We have had time to let the message of Ron Paul digest and we have suffered enough from the mistakes of the uninformed vote. We should be wiser now; and, we should act differently this election cycle. It seems a likely outcome, this go-round.

America is waking up to the danger of re-electing Barack Obama or someone of his ilk (Republican or Democrat), because they are starting to feel it where it hurts: their pocketbooks. I really do not feel it necessary to argue the particulars (though I am capable of doing so); but, Barack Obama, with a lot less unavoidable global struggle than past administrations (both Republican or Democrat), has done (and is continuing to do) a dreadful job as President -- even his starry-eyed cheerleaders are having to admit it. The polls do not lie: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Ron Paul is the man we need right now in the Oval Office. He is appealing to both parties and he carries a message that is both practical and necessary for times such as these.

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